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What is CompuNOx?

Benz Air Engineering Company, Inc. has patented  the CompuNox combustion control system as the the most accurate and simple control system on the market.This approach is the only low NOx control system that provides a return on investment through higher efficiency, often within the first year of operation!

The Compu-NOx Control System utilizes the absolute linear relationship of fan speed to fan air flow as the basis of combustion control. The system measures fuel flow and then interpolates the correct fan speed to give the desired flow.  Actual air flow is measured and compared to fan speed to provide unparalleled safety.  The repeatable and accurate air flow control insures low excess air operation while reducing NOx. 

Flue gas recirculation is simultaneously controlled to meet the desired emission reduction.  The system's compensation for air density combined with the superior front end control over air flow meets the desired emission reduction and eliminates the need for expensive and dangerous oxygen trim systems.

What can CompuNOx do for you?

Increase Combustion Efficiency while reducing emissions

The repeatable relationship between air flow and fan speed allows tighter control of air/fuel ratios than possible with damper-based oxygen trim systems. The immediate and precise response time of the Compu-NOx controller provides the most efficient means of boiler combustion control. The system provides the highest efficiency throughout the load range.

Very Low Turndown

The system is guaranteed to provide at least a 15-to-1 turndown. Precise air/fuel control virtually eliminates most boiler cycling and the associated purge and post-purge losses. Fewer boiler cycles increases boiler life.

Significantly Lower Electrical Cost

Fan horsepower varies as the cube function of boiler load. For example, a combustion air fan consuming 218hp at high fire will consume less than 1hp at 10% boiler load, resulting in a power savings of $14 per hour of operation (assuming nine cents/kw-hr). Electrical savings can usually pay back system installation cost within one year.

Low Installation Cost

Most components can be installed while the boiler is operating. No burner replacement or boiler modification means a lower cost installation with little or no downtime.  Installation of the system is simple, fast and straightforward.

Multiple Installations

Compu-NOx can be linked together via modem, serial, or local area networks with a computer located anywhere in the plant. The inherent networking capability of the Windows XP-based operating system allows remote monitoring of boiler performance.

Safety And Reliability

Air/fuel ratio is continually maintained through matching fan speed to fuel flow, with air flow used as a safety check. This method of combustion control is a significant improvement over conventional damper-based control systems which adjust air flow based on stack oxygen and fuel valve position.

Reduce Emissions On Standard Burners

Using a controlled amount of flue gas to combustion air, Compu-NOx can reduce NOx on most burner/boiler combinations, eliminating the need for expensive retrofit with low NOx burners.  Successful Compu-NOx installations include: Specialized power plant burners; all Coen burners including BF, DAZ and DAF; all Todd, Peabody, and Zink burners. Emissions from older ring type burners retrofitted with Compu-NOx are lower than most low NOx burners.

                                               Meet Compliance, Even At 5% Load

Compu-NOx is the only emission control system which guarantees compliance throughout the firing range.






  • Increase conbustion efficiency while
    reducing emissions
  • Reduce Emissions on Standard Burners
  • Meet Compliance, even at 5% load!
  • Very low turndown
  • Lower electrical costs
  • Low installation costs
  • Multiple installations
  • Safety and Reliability



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