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NOx Reduction Solutions

ModuCat SCR, an innovative approach to Selective Catalytic Reduction

Benz Air ModuCat is a well engineered SCR system for all boiler sizes. Efficiently designed ammonia injection and superior catalyst material provide a system that requires significantly less installation challenges and cost. Spatial constraints can be accommodated more easily. Superior mixing design in combination with excellent control provides near zero NOx with no ammonia slip.

Benz Air FGR, Flue Gas Recirculation done right

Utilize the full potential of Flue Gas Recirculation to reduce NOx with any burner. The right fraction and mixing conditions will allow for stable operation at all loads with remarkably low NOx.

SCR Efficiency Retrofits

Benz Air offers a solution to attach a payback on an SCR installation. Use the heat recovery potential of your system to avoid a sunk cost and use the SCR installation as an opportunity to implement a return on investment.




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